Koh Lanta Island belongs to the Krabi province and lies between Phi Phi Islands and the Mainland. This paradise welcomes tourists with Thai warmth also locally called the “Koh Lanta Charm”. The destination is a perfect getaway for those who love to laze around the stellar beaches, soak in the beauty of moss covered rocks and enjoy the magnificent sunsets by the island.

An adventurous ferry ride from Krabi over the Andaman Sea brings you to Koh Lanta. However, if you experience sea sickness traveling by boats, opt for the road. It takes about 2-3 hours on a shared minibus costing around 350 Baht and for those carrying heavy luggage can hire a private taxi for around 2500 Baht.

While the best time of the year to visit this place would be from October to April, this island swells with tourists during the month of December which extends till March. Koh Lanta offers a wide range of activities that keep attracting visitors from around the world. Below are some the best attractions at Koh Lanta Islands.

1. Hike To The Koh Lanta National Park

Situated over the peninsular cliff, Muh Koh Lanta National park is ranked one of the finest viewpoints in Southern Thailand.  A moderate level of fitness is required for a 2 kilometers hiking trail extending into the deep rain forests. One can experience a close encounter with wildlife and can even spot the native species of green imperial pigeons and Chinese Egret. On arriving at the park’s twin beaches, a brisk climb to the lighthouse guarantees a panoramic view of the pristine beaches that extend on both sides of the peninsula enclosing several cliffs and islands.

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Cost: Entry fee of 200 Baht for adults and 100 Baht for children.
Timings: Opened daily from 8.30 am to 5 pm

Tip: To experience the tranquility of the sea, camping facilities are available starting at 250 Baht per night

2. Try Snorkeling And Scuba Diving

Koh Rok is a famous place sought after among the divers. With a bright beam of sunlight penetrating into the clear turquoise waters, swimmers enjoy taking underwater photographs of the titan triggerfish, false clownfish and parrot fish.

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How to Reach: A speed boat can cost up to 1700 Baht/person

3. Relax With Yoga And Meditation

Oasis Yoga situated at Haad Khlong Dao is a renowned yoga studio on this island. As the birds chirp around the sandy beaches and the sea waves whisper in your ears, this place offers a perfect ambiance to practice Yoga. Known for their 5 nights retreats that are popular among the tourists, they also offer other body wellness packages like ashtanga, sunset stretch and yin. Fresh and organic foods are also served at the health bar to complement the benefits of Yoga.

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Cost: Classes starting from 400 Baht

Tip: Due to its popularity, a prior reservation is required during peak seasons

4. Explore The Tiger Caves

Tham Seau or Tiger Caves provides easy access to the tourists and can be explored on their own without a local guide. After a sweaty exploration into the Tiger Caves, people take a plunge into the Khlong Jak waterfall that is visited in conjunction.

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How to Reach: Drive south to cross Khlong Nin and proceed left once you cross Diamond Cliff Restaurant

Tip: Adventure seekers can hire a guide for 300 Baht for deep cave explorations

5. Dip In The Khlong Jak Waterfall

Khlong Jak serves as a refreshing spot for all tourists while they take a plunge into the clear pool at the base of this 7 meter high cascade.  Nestled in the lush forests, this seasonal waterfall attracts tourists from June till November and remains dry when there is insufficient rainfall.

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Cost: While entry to the fall is free, a parking fee of 20 baht is levied for vehicles

Tip:  Avoid visiting this place during the off season starting from December till April

6. Get Dirty At The Thung Yee Pheng Mangrove Forest

Balancing the way through the wooden walkway, you arrive at a maze of mangrove trees intertwined in the brackish waters of the Koh Lanta Yai’s northeastern coast. Spot the beautiful cranes and sea eagles hovering over this region and some fiddler crabs crawling on the wet mud.

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How to Reach: A road trip of 10 kilometers from Old Town and 8 kilometers from Saladan on road
Cost: Entrance fee of 20 Baht per person

Tip: Enjoy a fish barbecue at Floating House Fish Farm and Home stay

7. Enjoy the Four Island Boat Tour

4 IslandAnkita Ghosh | Ithaka

Koh Lanta is surrounded by peaceful and dreamy islands in all four directions. Hire a kayak on the Koh Ngai islands and enjoy floating through the narrow secret passages of the limestone caves. The next hop will take you to Ko Maa and Ko Chuek, considered a paradise for hosting a lot of activities including snorkeling and scuba diving. The trip ends at Ko Muk that envelopes the magnificent Emerald Caves.

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Cost: Starting from 1600 Baht per person for a full day trip

Tip: Swim through the glowing green waters of Emerald Caves and be surprised to find a hidden getaway to a private white sand beach surrounded by tall cliffs

8. Make A Visit To Lanta Old Town

Also known as Baan Koh Lanta, this place is a haven for tourists, to experience the rich culture and heritage that coexist. Originally founded by sea gypsies, it was accessible to all ports and attracted some Chinese merchants. Strolling through the streets of the old town, feel the peace in the air with profound prayers from the mosques. One can also enjoy the sight of bright red lanterns and aroma of incense wafting from the Chinese shrines. Lose yourself as you admire the teak houses built skillfully over stilts onlooking the ocean waves.

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How to Reach: A 20-minute boat ride from the main Koh Lanta Island

9. Enroll In A Cooking Class

Learn to cook authentic Thai cuisine with local ingredients that are indigenous to this place. The cooking courses not only help tourists to understand the locals better but also help to appreciate their culture through food. Learn to prepare unique Thai dishes and flaunt your cooking skills among friends at dinner parties. Some of the famous cooking courses available at the island are Time for Lime, Cooking with Mon and Sai Thai Cooking School.

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Cost: Starting from 1500 Baht based on the meal course

Tip: Forget not to collect the recipe book and a certificate for undertaking the course

10. Visit The Lanta Animal Welfare Center

Spread happiness and love among animals too. Tourists enjoy the fun of cuddling cute kitties and have a great time taking the canines out for a stroll. The Kitty Café offers refreshing drinks and snacks at an affordable price.  You can also make a difference in their lives by sponsoring or volunteering at their camp.

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How to Reach: A 15 km bus ride from Koh Lanta to Saladan
Timings: Opened daily from 9 am to 5 pm