It’s a beautiful day to be Single! Wonder why? Well it’s singles’ day today. I mean who would’ve thought that they actually got a whole, entire day saved for us, right? The mourning ones, the pining ones, the phew-good-riddance’ ones, the ones that came running out of a break-up like a mad cow’s chasing them, the ones that sobered up only to realize that they were stupidly drunk in love, the ones that have truly braved their way out of their last relationship, the ones that are sadly, valiantly, merrily, on-again-off-again or just steadily, single.

So go read that book you’ve been meaning to but couldn’t ‘cause that lousy partner was taking up most of your mental space, enroll in crazy cool classes, get that much deserved haircut, get a makeover to sexy it up for the next guy or just travel the world. Give it up for the Singles in the house!

fIllustration via Urja Kaulgi

Now speaking of traveling the world, on Singles’ Day let’s look at some of the straight perks of travelling with and when in a state of Single-hood.

1. No one judges you when you have your 6th plate of Thai mango sticky rice.

2. The international flirting market really opens up.

3. Having the comfy hotel bed alllllll to yourself.

4. Drink a cup of authentic Sri Lankan coffee, stare into space, zone out and call it meditation.

5. You make your OWN plan!

6. If you want to spend your last remaining brain cell going on the Constrictor water slide at Waterbom Water Park one more time—who’s going to stop you?

7. There’s absolutely NO reason not to make friends with the funny and mysterious guitarist singing love songs on Railay beach.

8. The hot air balloons over Cappadocia look beautiful, whether you’re single or not.

9. There’s nothing like the peace and quiet of nobody arguing with you over something stupid.

10. The sexiest thing is knowing how to enjoy yourself without a partner.