When you follow your heart, you wake up in Bali, and for good reason. From the  18,000 islands that collectively form the archipelagic nation of Indonesia, Bali stands alone in its unparalleled beauty. The landscape is luxuriant,  with lush jungles fed by stunning waterfalls. There are also volcanoes, rice fields, and beaches disappearing into the gentle blue of the ocean.

Natural beauty aside, Bali’s  world class resorts, beach villas, splendid  spas, and eclectic mix of romantic experiences make it  an unrivaled choice for newlyweds.

It’s easy on the wallet too, what with it being substantially cheaper than most of its beachy counterparts. Rest assured, Bali compares very well as a honeymoon destination. So if you’ve ever flirted with the idea of heading to  Bali for your honeymoon but aren’t entirely ready to take the plunge, here are 10 reasons you should. . They’re sure to convince you that Bali is where you should be spending the first days of the rest of your married life! Ready to be won over?


1. Bali Is The Poster Child Of Tropical Islands


Cool ocean breeze, salt in your hair, sun-kissed no-filter frames, and postcard perfect shorelines – beach life doesn’t get better than Bali. Beaches catering to your changing moods – whether it’s surfing or trying your hand at watersports, a couples’ massage, a lazy siesta where you soak up the sun, or a quiet moonlit stroll hand in hand, you’ll always find a stretch that fits the bill.

They come in varying shades too – white, volcanic black, beautiful silver, and deep grey. Some of them are astonishing natural wonders, tucked away behind limestone cliffs or  hidden by lofty caves. . 


2. Let’s Talk Resorts And Villas


Bali’s jaw dropping villas and resorts are ideal for a romantic getaway. From affordable private pool villas to super swanky beach resorts that  double up as celebrity hangouts, Bali ticks all the boxes as far as luxury stay is concerned.

Crystal clear infinity pools falling off cliffs are a common feature in these resorts. They overlook emerald green mountains and the sweeping ocean, making for a fairy tale setting  if you feel like a swim. For nature-loving couples, there are resorts in the midst of rice paddies and heavenly retreats buried in jungles.

Want a unique stay experience? You can choose from plush tents, bamboo cottages, and eco-friendly wood houses.


3. A Date Spelt Backwards Is Bali


Nothing says  romance like a dinner date with your special someone, and Bali rises to the occasion in style. Dine at a private beach on an antique bed illuminated by oil lanterns, witness magical sunsets on the edge of a cliff, or dine under a canopy of stars in the middle of a jungle as the ripples of a stream lend a sweet background score.

That’s not all. How about dining in a cave facing the beach? Or  with a pride of lions for company? Beside a brook with 100 flickering candles all around you ? Romantic and exciting!


4. Woo Them Right Off Their Feet


Bali’s unending list of experiences are guaranteed to sweep your lover off their feet. Begin your  day with a walk along a mountain ridge that overlooks a carpet of rice fields in the valley below. On a clear morning, you can even  spot the majestic volcanoes looming over the horizon. 

There are day cruises that sail to pretty islands around Bali. Take a day off to enjoy the perfect life kissed by  sunshine, sprawled on sundecks. If you are game for adventure, you could enjoy the water slide that drops you right into the ocean or go for a relaxed glass-bottom boat ride.

Evenings are meant for picturesque sunsets.  The colours of the sunset, as you unwind on a pirate-themed cruise, will sweep you off your feet. Or watch a movie on a beach. It sure makes for a memorable date – a movie, a starlit sky, waves kissing your feet, all rolled into one.


5. Did You Know about Bali’s Volcanoes?


One of Bali’s prominent features is its volcanoes. They tend to get downplayed a tad by tourist brochures, but don’t let that fool you – they are the most majestic sight on the island.  The good news is, you can climb them, and you should, for the best sunrises you’ll see in your lifetime. The trek starts in the dead of the night as you wade through the jungle, the silence only interrupted by the occasional  leafy whisper.

Come dawn, the fog draped mountains are  illuminated by the sun rising over a sea of clouds, revealing the sparkling waters of the ocean below. It’s a crime to pass this up.  


6. For The Love Of Adventure


Bali is the go-to destination for adventure lovers and water babies. Part of the Coral Triangle – a group of islands featuring the most diverse reefs on the planet – the waters surrounding Bali, serve as a natural  aquarium.

The beaches of Bali are a hotbed for adventure sports – from the usual suspects like parasailing, banana rides, and undersea walks to offbeat stuff  like flyboarding, flying fish, or wakeboarding. A special mention for the underwater scooter, – one of the coolest ways to explore the depths of the ocean. – your very own submarine with handle bars! The daredevils have tonnes of thrilling activities to get that adrenaline flowing. Start with surfing, the most popular sporting activity in Bali. You’ll see why Bali’s waves are  world famous.

It’s not all about beaches in Bali You can go white water rafting over in the rivers, zipline over the ocean between rocky cliffs, or rappel down 100-foot waterfalls!


7. Party On My Mind


Bali maintains a fine balance between mellow and thumping party scenes. Want to shake a leg to some groovy EDM? Bali has tonnes of lively nightclubs, rooftop bars, and underground clubbing cellars where you can dance the night away.

Swanky beach clubs are the go-to  for a night of cocktails and live music. They have stylish sunbeds to lounge about and infinity pools stretching out onto the beach. Or imagine lounging on a bean bag at  the edge of a cliff enjoying tasty tapas and watching the sun sink in shades of red and orange.


8. Bali Is Nature’s Own


Bali’s natural wonders will make you believe  that the gods did indeed roam this blessed land. There are rock canyons and gardens fed by natural pools,  cascading springs that plunge right into the sea, and natural infinity pools blending into the ocean.

A hike through its plentiful jungles leads to a series of seven waterfalls that gush down emerald green forests. A natural arch created by rock cliffs houses an incredibly beautiful lagoon. Some of its extraordinary beauties are far from the madding crowd and take some effort to reach, but are sure to remain with  you the rest of your lifetime.


9. Bali Is Couple Goals


With a reputation for being Southeast Asia’s chill-pill capital, pampering yourself with a spa in Bali is almost a rite of passage for a couple. A countryside spa with natural jacuzzis in the middle of a jungle right next to a stream – if this is not what dreams are made of, then what is?

If you think we’re feeding you ideas, you’re right, we most certainly are. Get a romantic massage over a cliff while you doze off to the sounds of crashing waves far below.


10. How About A Post-Wedding Photoshoot?


Bali has magnificent seaside temples with stunning views – ideal for photo shoots. Truly an abode of gods – Bali has hundreds of temples dotting its landscape that are living proof of this.  . Some of the temples are absolutely gorgeous, more so for their views.

Uluwatu temple, perched on a cliff 250 feet above roaring waves, is one of the best places to catch the sunset. So is the picture perfect sea temple at Tanah Lot. Ulun Danu Batur, which floats on a lake with mountains in the backdrop, is one of the most preferred spots for couple photoshoots. Now that you know where you can get that album clicked, book a smart Bali-based wedding photographer ahead of time.


Phew, if you’ve made it till here, let’s cut to the chase –  Bali promises a consummate romantic experience worth remembering through your lifetime.