The mere mention of Thailand brings up images of its crazy nightlife. Sure enough, almost every place in Thailand has a thriving party culture with pubs at every nook and corner, but there are some experiences that make clubbing pale in comparison. So skip the run-of-the-mill parties and try these awesome experiences in Thailand to unleash the party animal in you.


1. Hit out every pub on walking street – the poster boy of Thailand’s nightlife and the craziest street in all of Asia

Walking street is at the heart of all the action in Pattaya and is undoubtedly the craziest street in Thailand. Even if you spend every night on walking street, it will still have you asking for more. It’s every man’s fantasy come true. Walking Street Walking street has all the hottest clubs in Pattaya and you would want to party in every one of them – courtesy the cute bar girls standing at every door to welcome you. If you are tired of the pubs and go-go bars, there are massage parlors, strip clubs, ping pong shows and Muay Thai matches to keep you entertained. Every night here will be a different and memorable experience.

2. Frolic with young men and women at the Hard Rock Café’s popular foam party

Foam Party How does partying in a pool of foam sound? Exciting right? Then head straight to Hard Rock Café for their epic foam parties. The massive swimming pool here is pumped with foam and youngsters party in them all night. The party has an amazing sound system, cool lighting, cabana dancers and loads of games. So get wet and wild at the HRC foam party which happens every Saturday starting 9.30 pm.


3. Party along Bangla Road – the one stop party shop in Phuket

Bangla Road If you are looking for some great night time action in Phuket, then Bangla road should be your first and only stop. The road comes alive in the night and is a cocktail of neon lights, loud music and cheap liquor. The road is lined by beer bars, go- go bars, discos, restaurants and shops. So whatever catches your fancy, Bangla road will offer it.

4. Go nuts at the nightclub on wheels by riding the Phuket Party Bus

Phuket Party Bus The Phuket party bus is a great experience for a bachelor party. It’s a bus studded with leather sofas, a top notch stereo system, disco lightings, a mini bar and stripper poles – talk about an awesome party on the move.


5. Relive the Hangover movie experience and explore the hottest places to party in Bangkok

Hangover Tour Experience the best nightlife in Bangkok with the hangover tour. The tour started after the popular movie Hangover was released. It takes you around the bars featured in the film and a few other popular ones. The night is going to be wild with a trip to the party hotspots in Bangkok, infamous ping-pong shows, a fetish club experience and goes without saying, a lot of boozing. It’s a sure shot recipe for some serious hangover!!!

6. Guzzle bucket loads of beer, mingle with random strangers and dance with them on the streets of Khao San road

Khao San Road Partying in Bangkok is synonymous with Khao San road – a street full of pubs, loud music, lighting and mouthwatering street food. The amazing thing about Khao San road is young travelers getting drunk and dancing crazy on the streets. The atmosphere here is electric and that’s bound to get you shaking your legs in no time. So guzzle up gallons of beer, mingle with young travelers from around the world and dance on the road like nobody is watching.

Koh Phangan

7. Join 30000 travelers from around the world for a night of debauchery at the legendary full moon party

Full Moon Party Koh Phangan’s ticket to fame is that it’s the venue for the craziest party in the world – The full moon party.  On a full moon night, 30000 random strangers from across the globe gather on Haad Rin beach for a night of drunken madness. It’s a night of booze, dance, drugs, sex and a level of craziness which is unmatched.

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8. Dance the night away in the middle of a dense jungle at the secret waterfall party

Waterfall Party Venture deep into the jungles of Baan Tai to find the most amazing party venue. Surrounded by giant boulders and waterfalls running into gentle streams, it’s a dance floor unlike any. It has an amazing psychedelic ambience where young partygoers groove to some of the best music played out by international DJ’s and local artists.

Koh Phi Phi

9. Drink unlimited beer and groove to some music while cruising on a boat around Phi Phi’s prettiest landscapes

Captain Bob's Booze Cruise Koh Phi Phi is a party island with tonnes of happening pubs and beach bars for the thirsty night owls. But the coolest party experience here is Captain Bob’s Booze cruise. Get ready to party in style aboard Captain Bob’s sailboat with a bunch of hip youngsters. Gulp down unlimited amount of beer and groove to some music as you cruise on a boat. The booze cruise takes you to some of the prettiest landscapes in the world. The adventurous can cliff jump, snorkel or just swim in the emerald green waters. And don’t worry about your drink, wear your jacket upside down and float in the water with a glass of beer in your hand. No kidding here ,you can actually do this!!!

Koh Tao

10. Go on a bar hopping spree and get drunk with random strangers at the greatest pub crawl in Asia

Koh Tao Pub Crawl The Koh Tao Pub crawl is the coolest way to party in Koh Tao. It starts with bucket loads of alcohol and some shots and that’s just the beginning of the booze fest about to happen. You go from pub to pub with young travelers from around the world and mingle over drinking games. When you get discounts over drinks at every bar, you know it’s going to be a loose night. The party moves to the beach where you groove to some thumping music. Games are played throughout the night and if you are lucky, you might even win prizes like a free scuba dive!!!