There are endless Instagrammable Spots across the scenic province of Rize. This picturesque area is famous for its tea gardens and lush green plateaus. The city is located on the northeastern coast of Turkey, bordering the majestic Black Sea. A must-visit for people who want to experience Turkey’s rich culture, mountainous landscape, rivers, tea fields, plateaus, old bridges and so much more. Rize also hosts the beautiful Kaçkar Mountains, a hot spot for trekking enthusiasts.Scroll down to check out all the ‘gram-worthy places that are waiting for you in Rize.



Standing tall at 2,170 meters, Pokut Plateau attracts nature lovers with its stunning beauty. Covered by spruce trees, you will find it surrounded by clouds almost all year round, making it a popular place for trekking as well as photography.



Kaçkar Mountains has one of the most beautiful trekking routes in the region. A must-try for adventure seekers, this trail will reward you with a view of snow-capped peaks and dramatic precipices. You can opt for day hikes in the valleys to multi-day treks across the range.




Behold the majestic scenery of the Palovit Waterfall. The highest water flow in Rize, it lies in a lush forest in the mountains of Palovit. A small wooden staircase leads you closer to it, but is only for the brave-hearted!


While coming back from Palovit Waterfalls, you’ll come across the gorgeous medieval castle, Zikale. Built-in 14th-century, this Silk Road garrison outpost sits out on a little notch towering over the Firtina River. From here you can enjoy the views of the entire Firtina Valley. Climbing around the old castle walls makes for a fun activity with no shortage of photo opportunities.



On your way along the Firtina River, you’ll find several Ottoman Bridges built by local stonemasons in the 18th and 19th centuries. Their preservation is truly remarkable as they were built by hand with no machinery. They have characteristic high arches because the Firtina River did and still overflows.


A trip to Rize is incomplete without a visit to its famed tea, or cay, farms. Don’t forget to grab a couple of tea packets for yourself. Make them at home the way the Turks do – with hot water, sugar, and without any milk.



There are a lot of stay options available in Rize, but if you truly want to experience the local life, stay in one of the traditional wooden houses. From there, you get to witness the stunning views of the pine trees and appreciate the beauty of nature from a fantastic vantage point.


Make sure you try muhlama, a local delicacy. This cheese dish is cooked in butter and served with bread. Ah, bliss!


Apart from tea, you will find a lot of shops selling honey, or ‘bal’, in Rize. The honey is thick and pale-yellow, perfect to get back and eat with toast or add to your cay.


How To Reach Rize

Trabzon is the nearest airport from Rize. You can find several bus operators like Havaş right outside the airport that will take you to Rize in as little as INR 300 (24 Turkish Lira).  Enjoy the views on this scenic drive to Rize, which usually takes around two hours from the airport.

Where To Stay In Rize

You will get a mix of budget hotels, guesthouses and wooden cabins in this province. Rates usually vary between INR1500 (120 Turkish Lira) and INR5000 (400 Turkish Lira) per night.