Phuket is home to some of the most stunning beaches in the world and there’s hardly any doubt about that. Being the largest of the islands, Thailand bestows it with a wide coastline and a plethora of options when it comes to ‘the right kind of beach’ to choose from. From those bustling with parties to the quiet and serene ones, Phuket with its wondrous Beaches, packs in a little something for everyone. Find below the 10 best beaches on the island and everything that you can do there.

1. Kata Beach : For Families

Lined with swaying palm trees and a crystal-clear coastline, Kata Beach is easily one of the most popular beaches in Phuket. It boasts of clean white sands and blue waters during high season and is ideal for snorkeling as well as surfing. At 1.5 km, the beach is big enough to accommodate several eating joints and clubs, without getting cluttered or over-crowded. It is ideal for families or those looking to steer clear from the wild parties at Patong, while still basking in a lively atmosphere.

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Why you should go there: It is great for a family day out.
What to do there: You can enjoy Surfing at the Kata Beach during low season (July -October) and Snorkeling and other water sports during high season (November – June).

2. Freedom Beach : For The Nature Lover (Off-Beat)

As the name suggests, Freedom beach promises to liberate you from the crowded and noisy venues and leads you to a quiet and peaceful haven. The secluded white sand beach is located ahead of wild Patong and can be a tad bit difficult to get to. Once here, prepare to get mesmerized by clear blue waters and a trail of palm trees that together paint a lovely picture. The lesser known beach is all of 300 meters and is ideal for those seeking some well-deserved solitude.

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Why you should go there: It is ideal for couples or those seeking a quiet time.
How to get there: The best way to reach Freedom beach is via a long-tail boat that can be hired from the south end of Patong Beach.

3. Nai Harn Beach : For Surfing And Sunbathing (Kid-Friendly)

One of the lesser known gems, Nai Harn is a newly discovered beauty in Phuket. It’s ideal location on the southern end of the island makes it a perfect spot for surfing and kiteboarding – with low currents during high season that dramatically transform into high waters for the remaining months. The beach also accommodates a lake behind it that is well-known for fishing and boating. With lifeguards stationed at regular intervals on its 660 meters stretch, Nai Harm is great for families with kids as also for those wanting to surf and soak up the sun.

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Why you should go there: It is kid-friendly and perfect for surfing and kiteboarding.

4. Karon Beach : For Its Unusually Squeaky Sand

Being the third-largest beach in Phuket, Karon is a popular option for those visiting the island. It is 3.3 kilometers long and is said to be nearly straight. The beach is best known for its unusually squeaky sand that apparently lets out a squirm when you walk on it. Karon features beautiful green trees on its southern end, with several beachfront restaurants, clubs and resorts on the northern side. While the beach is best enjoyed in a lull, those seeking adventure can try snorkeling on its waters or even rent out jet-skis during the high season.

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What to do there: Karon is best known for water sports and sunbathing. You can also visit the nearby Karon Temple or indulge in some retail therapy at the Karon Night Market.

5. Patong Beach : For The Parties

Phuket is almost synonymous with Patong and the bustle here is quite evident of it. Known to be the party capital of Asia, the beach is an overwhelming party hub and boasts of the liveliest scenes on the island. It is lined with hawkers selling unique memorabilia and souvenirs through the night and is ideal for those that enjoy their shopping sprees. Spread across 2.5 kilometers, Patong is also home to many great restaurants and hotels as well as a host of other attractions such as banana boat rides and jet skis.

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Why should you go there: It is a great choice for club hopping and partying the night away.

6. Kamala Beach : For the Sunsets (Recommended)

Lying to the north of the bustling Patong is the lesser known Kamala Beach in Phuket. In spite of its proximity to the latter, this beach surprisingly boasts of a calm and serene atmosphere. The naturally bound bay and forest village is a hidden paradise and remains surrounded by forested hills and green bushes on all sides. It is well-known for its luxury establishments and fleet of resorts that make it ideal for a staycation by the beach.

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Why should you go there: To catch the sunset or lounge around one of its bars.

7. Ya Nui Beach : For Breathtaking Views

Spanning a length of less than 200 meters, Ya Nui is probably the tiniest beach in Phuket. Despite its size, the secluded stretch is highly sought after and is a popular spot among the snorkeling crowd on the island. Shaped like an L, the beach is home to beautiful sands and a striking backdrop that cannot be easily missed. It lies just behind the Windmill viewpoint and offers a breathtaking view of the nearby Koh Keyao Noi Island. Although not as popular as its counterparts, Ya Nui features a good collection of restaurants, clubs, and accommodations to choose from.

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Why should you go there: It boasts of stunning views of the Koh Keyao Noi Island and is a great spot for photographers.
How to reach there: Drive south over the hill from Nai Harn Beach and drive by the propeller viewpoint right down to Ya Nui.

8. Bang Tao Beach : For A Varied Range Of Activities

Spread over six kilometers, Bang Tao is one of the longest beaches in Phuket. The pristine coastline is home to several restaurants, pubs, and high-end resorts with attractions such as private golf clubs, horseback riding as well as intimate beach venues. Bang Tao’s calm waters make it ideal for kayaking, windsurfing, paragliding, and even wakeboarding. When here, enjoy a relaxing massage by the beach or simply sunbathe and soak in all that it has to offer.

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Why should you go there: It is great for a well-rounded family time and offers a little something for everyone to do.
How to reach there: Bang Tao can best be reached by a metered Taxi (for about 50 Baht) and is only a half hour ride from the Phuket International Airport.

9. Banana Beach : For An Intimate Time (Lesser-Known)

Banana Beach, also known as ‘Banana Rock Beach’ is an isolated slice of paradise in Phuket. It is relatively deserted and ideal for those willing to disconnect from the crowds and enjoy the sun in an intimate setting. It accommodates only a handful of restaurants and is best visited on a day trip from one of the nearby beaches. Although the beach is sometimes inaccessible during high tide or the low season, it is ideal for swimming during the rest of the months.

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Why should you go there: This is a relatively isolated beach in Phuket and is ideal for couples or those seeking an intimate experience.
Where’s the catch: The beach is sometimes inaccessible during high tide and is not conducive for swimming during the low season.

10. Surin Beach : For Its Luxury

Surin Beach is known for its luxe offerings and is considered a favored spot among the rich and wealthy. Also known as the millionaire’s row, it features a string of high-end resorts and
accommodations that are often frequented by celebrities. It is blessed with white sands and clear waters that display mesmerizing shades of blue. Although unfit for swimming, the beach offers a relaxed time and features a good mix of restaurants and clubs to choose from.

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Why should you go there: It is home to some of the finest resorts in Phuket and is ideal for a luxury stay by the beach.
Where’s the catch: It is not safe here to swim since the sea gets deeper than other parts of the island.