While we’ve all heard of the white sandy beaches and world-class resorts on Nusa Dua, this luxurious ‘two island’ destination also has a few rustic, uncommon gems. Stick around as we list some must-do things that are bound to make you appreciate the ethereal beauty and captivating culture of Nusa Dua.

1. Catch An Indonesian Dance Performance At Nusa Dua Theatre.


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The story of a boy and a girl who stumble upon a treasure chest, the Devdan Show will introduce you to the beauty of Indonesian culture. You will be left spellbound by a 90-minute thrilling visual spectacle which has dancers twirling on the floor and gliding in the air with consummate grace! Boasting performers in colourful costumes and giant puppets dancing to contemporary music, this show is sure to entertain  adults and children alike.

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Average Cost: INR 4,100 per person

Timings:  Open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

2. Admire The Burst Of Waves At The Water Blow


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Imagine being splashed by towering waves from a blowhole – this is Nusa Dua’s Water Blow. The waters of  the Indian Ocean crash onto jagged limestone rocks and erupt in a mesmerizing sight. Keep your distance because the water can surge up to 30 meters high! You can stand on the observation deck here and cool off on a hot day. The best months to check out the blowhole is from July to August.

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Good to Know: There are no lifeguards in the area, so we suggest that you avoid going too close to the rocks to avoid  being swept away.

Average Cost: Free

3. Go Exploring Abandoned Planes


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Enjoy mysteries and conspiracy theories? Well, here’s one for you. There are 4 abandoned planes scattered around Bali, two of which are near Nusa Dua. A Boeing 737, right in the middle of a field, and another in a residential area. No one has a clue why they’re there. While some say there are plans to convert it into a restaurant, all we know for now is, its free territory for tourists. Click a spectacular Instagram worthy picture here, touch the wings, or go wild exploring the area!

Ithaka’s Pro Tip: We recommend visiting the Boeing 737-400 as it is on public property and gives you access to the interior of the plane. 

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How to get here: The Boeing 737-400 is near a Dunkin Donuts in Kuta, a 20 minute drive ride away from Nusa Dua. The other, plane, a Boeing 737-200 is on a limestone hill, a 5 minute drive ride away from Pandawa Beach. 

Average Cost:  Visiting the aircraft  in Kuta is free while entry into the abandoned plane near Pandawa Beach costs around 700 INR.

4. Zip By On An Underwater Scooter And Explore The Ocean World.


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You’ve probably heard of a sea walk, but how about an underwater scooter ride in the depths of the Indian Ocean? Explore the wonders inside the sea, marveling at corals and exotic fish, as you zip by on, yes, an underwater scooter.. An oxygen tank is attached to the scooter, so all you have to do is sit and breathe. No swimming skills needed! They definitely know how to have a good time here on Nusa Dua!

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Where: Most beaches in Nusa Dua

Average Cost: 6000 INR per person. 

5. Get Acquainted With Local Art In Pasifika Museum


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With around 600 paintings from all over  the Asia-Pacific, Museum Pasifika is a paradise for art enthusiasts. A major draw here are paintings by European artists who came to the island around the early 20th century and created a wave of beautiful pieces. Don’t forget to check out their gallery for local artists as well as the Indo-chinese Gallery. 

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Average Cost: 500 INR per person. 

Timings: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

6.  Explore The Unspoilt Beauty Of Serangan Island.


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Around 30 minutes away from Nusa Dua, you can relax in the quiet beauty of Serangan Island. Whether you’re searching for a spot to hit the surf or want to merely swim around with your kids, the island’s warm waters welcome everyone. Besides, the lack of posh hotels or resorts makes the unspoiled beach here a refreshing sight! 

Serangan Island is an absolute delight for turtle enthusiasts! Famous for housing these cute creatures, the island has a hatchery and conservation centre that takes care of injured turtles. You can also feed seaweed to these turtles or release the babies into the ocean. 

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Average Cost: Free

Note: This is not the same as “Turtle Island” in Tajung Benoa. Please ask for “Turtle Park” on  Serangan Island.

7. Hike To The Pura Geger Temple


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Perched on a limestone cliff, the Pura Geger temple is a showcase of Balinese Hindu traditions. Limestone crevices, slant straw-thatched roofs, and twisted tree trunks lend this place a rustic, old-world vibe. 

Overlooking the sea, this site also offers a panoramic view of serene beaches and Mount Agung on the horizon. Hike from the iconic Geger beach and the rapid sound of crashing waves will be your clue to the temple’s entrance. 

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Good to Know: Wear clothes that cover your legs, as this is a sacred site. 

Average Cost:  15 INR

Ithaka’s Pro Tip: We recommend you go here early in the morning.

8. Behold The Majestic Statue Of Lord Vishnu At Garuda Wisnu Kencana


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Right amidst the greenery on the hills of Ugasan, the Garuda Wisnu Kencana is an iconic site – one of the tallest Vishnu statues in the world. You will immediately recognize the Hindu god sitting majestically on his legendary bird Garuda.

The statue is inside a cultural park that is  spread over 250 acres, with a lotus pond, an amphitheatre, and a garden offering panoramic views of Bali.  Don’t miss the amazing street performances here which showcase local Indonesian art forms.

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Average Cost: Entrance fee to the cultural park is around INR 550 for adults and INR 430 for children and senior citizens 

Timings: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.  

9. Take A Day Off To Pamper Yourself At The Spa


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In the mood to pamper your body? A traditional Balinese spa session is the way to go. Whether it’s upscale resorts or local spas, you’ll find that Nusa Dua is teeming with places that offer fantastic massages. From cream baths and hot stone massages to coffee scrubs, you can go wild with your choices. 

Ithaka’s Pro Tip: For a beautiful experience before winding up your trip, we recommend you try the Balinese twist to ‘mandi lulur’ – an ancient ritual borrowed from the Javanese  that involves a sandalwood and yogurt scrub along with floral baths. 

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Where: Heavenly Spa by Westin, The Laguna Spa for Couples

Average Cost: 5000 INR for a two-hour Balinese massage in a resort.

Tip: Book online to score some special discounts.

10. Hunt For Some Treasure By Spending A Day As A Pirate


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An open-air café with a grand ship right on the sand, Pirates Bay announces its intentions right away with its quirky ambiance! Dress up in pirate garb and climb up bamboo tree houses, or explore the lookout tower.  The café often organises treasure hunts to keep you and your kids entertained!

After this adventure, every pirate needs to feast on delicious food and the cafe comes to the  rescue. Help yourself to some scrumptious seafood, lavish Asian curries, and lip-smacking Mexican entrées. 

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Average Cost: 750 INR per person

Must-try: Pirates Basket – an assortment of grilled seafood like baby lobster, prawns, crabs, snappers, and squid.

From exploring abandoned airplanes and eating in pirate cafes to zipping around the seafloor on a scooter, we declare that Nusa Dua definitely has a wild and adventurous side! So jet-set around the island and come back refreshed, ready to take on the world.