Krabi is nothing short of a playground for the adrenaline junkies out there. Its natural landscape and mountainous terrain lends itself to tonnes of adventure activities. From swinging off monster caves to tackling challenging rapids in frothing waters to peacefully kayaking through the mangroves to gliding in a zen-like state under the ocean, Krabi is sure to take your heart on a roller-coaster ride. So dive in and check out the 10 most gut wrenching adventures in Krabi.

1. Climb the towering cliffs hovering over Railay Beach

The limestone cliffs spread over the picturesque landscape of Krabi are ideal for rock climbing. Adventurers from all over the world travel to Krabi to climb these craggy mountains. Don’t get intimated though, there are rock climbing courses catering to beginners too.

Rock Climbing

Getting to these rock-climbing locations is an adventure in itself. You hike through lush jungles or take a boat ride on turquoise waters. Climbing these rocky routes with a glittering ocean in the background is sure to give you a kick.

Note: You have to be in good physical shape to enjoy rock climbing

Where: Headland between Tham Phra Nang (Phra Nang Cave Beach) and Railay Beach
Price: The price for rock climbing in Krabi ranges from INR 1965/ USD 15 to INR 11790/ USD 180, depending upon the duration of the course (usually one-day and three-day courses are available)

2. Explore the mysterious marine world of Krabi by scuba diving in its crystal clear waters

Krabi’s exquisite beaches, plunging limestone cliffs, incredible underwater visibility and a diverse marine life makes scuba diving one of the most popular adventures in Krabi.

Scuba Diving

Even if you have no experience, learning to scuba dive is a cakewalk. With some basic training, you will be ready to explore the vibrant marine life.

Gliding peacefully under the water with shoals of colorful fishes swimming by your side is an other-worldly experience.

Krabi offers various courses for beginners and experts alike. So just don that mask and take the plunge !

Where: Popular dive sites are Koh Rok Nok, Hin Daeng, Bamboo Island and the Phi Phi Islands.
Price: The cost for scuba diving is approximately INR 5300/ USD 89 for two dives.

3. Get drenched and pumped-up while rafting on the forest-fringed mountain rivers

Nothing matches the thrill of tackling insane rapids while riding on an inflatable boat on the Songprak River. The 3-mile stretch of Songprak River in Krabi offers rapids of all difficulty levels.

White Water Rafting

The rush as your raft gets thrown around by the river, the exciting plunges, the sudden drops and the constant rain of river water is sure to raise your heartbeat up a notch.

Where: Songprak River (after driving through Phang Nga Province)
Price: A 5 kilometer stretch of river rafting costs about INR 2260/ USD 35 per person.

4. Feel the adrenaline coursing through your body as you canyon down waterfalls

Krabi’s rugged terrain makes it ideal for canyoning. It involves descending a fast flowing waterfall while being tethered to a safety harness. A day of canyoning would see you abseil multiple waterfalls, with water bullets raining down your head.


This heart-pumping sport has various difficulty levels based on your experience. So even an absolute novice can enjoy this.

Where: Tour operators in Ao Nang can arrange this for you.

5. Rappell down gigantic limestone cliffs towering over the ocean 

Rappelling involves descending from giant cliffs while being tied to an anchored rope. Krabi’s famed limestone cliffs are ideal for this sport.


Once you get a hang of it, you can descend really fast, even take small jumps as you abseil down. Its not so physically taxing, so it can be enjoyed by people of all age groups.

Where: Places like Railay Beach, Koh Hong and Tansai Beach are ideal locations for rappelling.
Price: Half day courses cost about INR 1965/ USD 15 and full day courses cost about INR 3535/ USD 54.

6. Be Tarzan for a day as you swing from one tree top to another by Ziplining through the forest

Zip lining is an all time favorite of the adventurous souls out there. It makes exploring the wild a lot more fun. Anchored to a safety harness, ziplining lets you zoom through the forest at breakneck speeds.


Swinging from one tree-top to another, you get the feeling of being Tarzan for a day.

Note: The only pre-requisite is that the height of the person should be more than 120 cm.

Where: Fun Park, Mueang
Price: Approximately INR 1760/ USD 27

7. Hike through the rugged terrains of Krabi to seek out its hidden wonders.

Krabi is a hikers paradise, with trails of all difficulty levels – right from steep mountain hikes to leisurely strolls in the jungles.


Much of Krabi’s landscape is made up of national parks and all of them have well-marked trails running through them. Hiking is also one of the best ways of discovering Krabi’s secrets – magical emerald pools, natural hot water springs, spectacular waterfalls and hidden caves.

8. Canoe peacefully along the coastline or kayak through its dense mangroves

Explore the hidden beauty of Krabi among the limestone cliffs and lagoons while paddling in your canoe. Canoeing is best for those who want some tranquility in the company of nature.


Or you could check out Krabi’s dense mangroves and the hidden caves tucked inside them. The best way to get to them is by kayaking along the waterways meandering through the forest.

Where: Ao Nang, Railay Beach,Ao Thalane
Price: The cost for these activities is about INR 1955/ USD 30 for a guided half-day tour and INR 3583/ USD 55 for a full day tour.

9. Snorkel in the vast stretch of the turquoise sea and spy on the mystical marine life

If you want to explore the underwater world but avoid the hassle of wearing a lot of heavy equipment, then snorkeling is the answer.


With just a snorkel mask and a pair of flippers, you can swim on shallow waters and sneak up on the exotic marine life down under. The transparent water lets you witness majestic corals and colorful fishes even from the surface.

Price: A guided one-day snorkeling tour costs about INR 3000/ USD 46.

10. Experience the terrifying Emperor swing at the Hollow Mountain Adventure Park

If you consider yourself a daredevil , the Hollow Mountain Adventure Park in Krabi offers a challenge you can’t refuse – the biggest rope swing in Asia.

Rope Swing

Trekking to the jump point is an adventure in itself. If you manage to make it there with your wits about you, then the view of the valley from the edge of a platform, 100 meters above the floor is sure to make your head spin.

The emperor swing is 120 meters long and starts with a 30 meter free-fall. Promising the most extreme above-the- ground experience, this nerve-wrenching swing over a monster cave has made it to the bucket list of adventurers across the globe.

Where: Hollow Mountain Adventure Park, Ao Nang
Price: They offer various customized packages starting from INR 5900/ USD 90 ranging up to INR 9820/ USD 151.